Versalayer Pillow – Adjustable from 0.75 to 5″ in 0.25″ Increments (Standard Size)


Discover the ultimate sleep experience with our Bluewave Bedding Versalayer Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow. Designed with your unique sleep needs in mind, this innovative pillow offers unparalleled customizability and comfort, ensuring that every night is a step towards better sleep. Our pillow’s unmatched adaptability comes from five meticulously crafted layers, including two layers at 0.75 inches, one at 1 inch, and two more at 1.25 inches, allowing for 16 precise height adjustments ranging from 0.75″ to a maximum loft of 5″. Whether you’re a stomach, back, or side sleeper, the Versalayer pillow conforms to your preferred sleeping position, providing optimal neck alignment and spinal support that can significantly enhance your sleep quality and posture.

But the innovation doesn’t stop at adjustability. Say goodbye to the mess and frustration of traditional adjustable pillows. Our no-mess design simplifies height customization without the hassle of dealing with messy shredded foam. The Versalayer pillow’s seamless adjustment mechanism is designed for ease and efficiency, ensuring a clean and straightforward experience. Moreover, our pillow guarantees a smooth, lump-free surface across all heights, thanks to its premium Certipur-US certified memory foam, which is also infused with cooling gel particles to regulate temperature and ensure a comfortable and refreshing sleep environment.

We understand the importance of stability and support throughout the night. That’s why our pillow is engineered to minimize shifting, providing you with stable support and preventing the common issue of fill displacement. The result? A restful, uninterrupted sleep. Maintenance is a breeze with our dual-zipper, machine-washable cover, featuring high-quality YKK zippers on three sides for easy layer adjustments.


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  • FIND YOUR IDEAL PILLOW HEIGHT: The Bluewave Bedding Versalayer Pillow is like 16 pillows in one, adjustable from 0.75″ to 4.25″ in precise 0.25″ increments with a maximum height of 5″.
  • LOW TO MEDIUM LOFT PILLOW, IDEAL FOR MOST SLEEPERS: Need an ultra thin pillow for stomach sleeping? Or a slim pillow for back sleeping? Or a medium loft pillow for side sleeping? If you find most pillows just a bit too thick and fluffy, then the Versalayer pillow is for you. (Max height of 5″, so if you prefer thick pillows, please take note!)
  • NO MESS ADJUSTMENTS: Forget the messy experience of adjusting traditional shredded memory foam pillows. Our innovative design eliminates the need for handling loose pillow fill, offering a clean, simple solution for customizable comfort.
  • NO LUMPY SURFACES: Stuffed memory foam pillows are notoriously lumpy due to the nature of the cut up memory foam stuffing. Enjoy the benefits of an adjustable shredded memory foam pillow without the lumps.
  • GEL-INFUSED CERTIPUR-US CERTIFIED MEMORY FOAM: Our soft/medium firm memory foam helps stablize your overnight temperature. We use CertiPUR-US memory foam, certified free from harmful additives.

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