Immediately After Unpacking

After unpacking, your pillow will look quite flat. Remove the outer zippered cover and place the pillow in the dryer on high heat for 60 minutes. This will kick-start the memory foam expansion process.

Many pillows will expand fully after this step, but others may require some additional attention.

What if my pillow didn’t expand?

The pillow in this picture was run through the dryer and did not fully expand. All hope is not lost, but the foam bonds need to be further loosened. This can be accomplished by applying 1) heat and 2) pressure.

Most of us have a perfect tool in the house to do just that: a common clothes iron or steamer.

Step 1: Clothes iron settings

Memory foam is born in extreme temperatures and will not be damaged by heat from an iron. But we want to take care not to damage the thin polyester inner cover.

This method will work for both regular and Max Cool versions of the pillow. The PCM coating will not be damaged by heat.

Irons can be tricky so we advise starting at 50% of max heat. The “wool” setting will work. After starting, you can gradually increase this to the “cotton” setting. If at any point you feel the inner polyester cover starting to stick to the iron, remove the iron and lower the temperature.

Use a maximum steam setting if available. It will force the heat deeper into the memory foam and cause faster expansion.

Step 2: Apply heat and pressure

Remove zippered pillow cover and lay pillow flat on the floor. For additional protection, lay a bath towel down first.

As seen in the first video, apply the iron to depressed sections of the pillow. Move very slowly back and forth while applying maximum pressure to compress the foam. This helps drive the heat deep into the foam to loosen the bonds. If available, apply steam liberally. Steam will dramatically speed up the process.

As seen in the second video, while the foam is still hot, lay a towel or the zippered cover over the foam to protect your hand from the heat, and punch/squeeze/release the foam. This will cause any stuck foam bonds to break free causing the foam to expand properly.

Step 3: Repeat until expanded

Repeat the process in step 2 until the pillow has fully expanded.

This pillow was particularly flat after removing from the dryer and it only took approximately 10 minutes to complete the expansion process. So far we’ve had a 100% success rate expanding pillows using this method and we hope you have the same level of success!

If you are unable to complete these steps for any reason, or if this didn’t work, please visit our refund/replacement page and we’ll take care of it for you.